Drilling Program

The scope covers complete drilling program with detailed and step by step procedures to execute the well design and as per the Client objectives (as independent program or combined with the well design). The detailed program includes but not limited to:
  • Over view
  • Subsurface information
  • Subsurface, engineering, HSE and Corporate objectives
  • Casing scheme, size and policy
  • Plans – directional, mud, cement, bit, BHA etc.,
  • Estimates and limitations of – torque, drag, ECD and hydraulics models
  • Detailed step by step procedures for phase wise drilling operations
  • HSE and risk register and mitigation plans and procedures
  • SIMOP operations model if needed
  • Time and cost estimates – both deterministic and probabilistic
  • Complete equipment list section/phase wise for the program
  • All supporting data from domain experts of service providers of the Client and
  • All others required for a complete the program document
In addition to the Detailed Complete Well Design, Selective Options are provided as below:

New Work

  • Specific Section Based Program
  • Specific Procedures for a Section
  • Specific Procedure for the management of Well Complication

Review of Client Completed Work

  • Review of Drilling Program
  • Optimization of any Specific Section or Procedure