Cement Design

The service offers a wholistic design and planning package that includes but not Limited to
  • Cement Slurry Design.
  • Cement Placement Models.
  • Recommended Practices for an Effective Cement Job.
  • Risk Identification and Recommended Mitigation Techniques.
  • Complete Job Design and Operating Procedures for (but not limited to):
  • Primary Cementing.
  • Top Fill Jobs.
  • Dual Stage Cementing
  • Remedial Cementing.
  • Temporary and Permanent Abandonment.
  • Sidetrack Requirements.

In addition to the complete cement design feature, the service also offers selective validation and review options to a client:

  • Feasibility Check for a Planned Cement Job.
  • Cement Design Review.
  • Cement Design Optimization.
  • Time and Cost Optimization.
  • Recommended Guidelines for Cement Bond Quality Evaluation.