Why Drillers Desk.com?

Just log on to www.drillersdesk.com and click to commence the journey online to get all your jobs done very cost effectively and efficiently.

Concept and Model

Do you really need a high cost consultants in your office?

Drillersdesk.com will save significant cost for you by getting work done online at a fraction of the cost than a conventional consultancy model.

Well Construction is a temporary activity unlike subsurface or production that are essential for the entire life cycle of the oil and gas well(s). For most oil and gas companies / operators, maintaining permanent resources in Well Construction is expensive and also not needed.

Oil and Gas companies conventionally hires consultants for the drilling campaign keeping only a small core team as permanent. This model worked fine at oil prices over USD 100/bbl but this is expensive at the current low oil prices where drilling cost optimization is the primary goal.

With today’s advanced IT technology and network applications, the conventional expensive model of hiring onsite consultants and/or maintaining permanent resources is not needed.

www.drillersdesk.com is designed to reduce the cost of well engineering and well operations including real time monitoring by offering the services ONLINE 24/7 at a Fraction of the Cost as compared to the expensive conventional models.

www.drillersdesk.com is unique and is designed to support oil and gas companies to reduce the cost of well construction work in SIX EASY STEPS online…