Innovative Online Consulting for Upstream Oil And Gas Industry

Achieve Value at Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Models

All Phases of Well Construction and Well Delivery
    • Drilling PreparationEngineering-Planning-DesignMobilization Drilling-Testing-Completion Operations Real Time Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Project Closeout and End of Well/Project Reports

We participate in peer reviews and technical challenge sessions to enhance the design or programs We examine the well design and drilling program for compliance, confirmation and conformance We run risk assessment workshops, risk identification, risk mitigation and management plans We estimate well times and costs – P10, P50 and P90 models, risked time and cost models, real time monitoring of both time and cost for real time optimization

  • Subsurface and Field Development
  • Integrated Project Risk Management
  • Contracts and Procurement Process
  • Real Time Management – Inventory, Project Scheduling and Project Gap Analysis, Well Time Monitoring and Real Time Analysis for Optimization and Learning, Well Cost, Well Cost Reconciliation, Well Cost Optimization