Completion Design

  • Cased Hole
  • Open Hole
  • All types of completions
  • Completion basis of design
  • Completion program
  • Completion time and cost estimates
  • Completion Statememt of Requirements
  • Completion Risk and Mitigation Analysis
  • Completion Equipment List
Review Services
  • Independent review of Client’s Completion design and program

Well Planning and Design

The scope covers complete well planning and design aspects to deliver the document that includes but not limited to:

  • Casing seat selection
  • Casing design
    Planning – directional, mud, cement, bit, BHA etc.,
  • Analysis – torque, drag, ECD and hydraulics models
  • Risk evaluation with mitigation
  • Well Time estimates and Well cost estimates (at appropriate level of costing model)
  • Statement of requirements for rig, services and tangibles for drilling the well with specifications
  • All others required for a complete well planning and design document.
    In addition to the Detailed Complete Well Planning and Design, Selective Options are provided as below:
    New Work
    Concept Selection
    Feasibility Check
    Preliminary Design
    Review of Client Completed Work
    Review of Well Design
    Optimization of Well Design